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Is this your last chance ever to snag a McRib?

McRib inside the bun

That’s the question that McDonald’s are teasing with the 2022 return of the iconic sandwich. As part of this year’s re-appearance the brand are teasing, “Get one while you can because this is the McRib Farewell Tour.” Which would seem to imply the Golden Arches are gonna shelve this classic for good. Right? Surely not?

Call me cynical but I don’t completely buy it. Sure, they might nix it for an extended period – after all the sandwich went missing for *eight* years before coming back nationwide in 2022; but a complete abandonment of those pressed and formed patties for eternity? Nah, after all what’s a brand to do when it needs a shot in the arm of foot and delivery traffic? That’s right – bring back a fan favorite. Just look at Taco Bell and the long retired Enchirito.

If you need the full lowdown on this slab of industrial production, check out our full review of the McRib back in 2020, where I wrote, “Overall, I can see why fans flock to the Golden Arches for this one, its a fun change of pace from the routine chicken and beef. It’s not a slam dunk by any means. The McRib looks every part the 1980’s borne sandwich that it is. It’s an artificial, lab grown monster from a different era. Just look at today’s fast food menus with artisan this and fresh that. It’s still pretty tasty of course, after all who doesn’t love a slew of salt, sugar and fat wrapped up in a floury roll? I sure do.”

Right, who do I ask about bringing back Arby’s potato cakes?

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